Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Breaking: CIA corrupt, incompetent

I've been saying for some time that the Benghazi story is, in fact, a big deal, just not for the reason Republicans keep saying it is. The two major issues are 1) that we entered into a civil war without the slightest pretense of a national security rationale and removed a regime, helping to install a new Islamist regime that has brought with it harsh new oppression for disfavored groups like homosexuals and sub-Saharan Africans. And 2) that the CIA was involved in up to its elbows, and that the CIA has demonstrated once again that it is both willing to do flagrantly immoral and illegal things to advance US interests and yet very bad at advancing US interests. The knee-jerk partisan dismissals of Benghazi by prominent liberal Democrats represent a major missed opportunity to take part in a national dialogue about our continuing program of enforcing our will militarily in the Muslim world, and about the CIA. The Republican idiocy of trying to make this all about Obama is, well, Republican idiocy.

It seems the evidence is mounting that, in fact, the CIA was deeply complicit in the fuck ups, and that as is so often the case, where we find violence against the United States we find bad behavior by our espionage service. I expect that increasing clarity over the CIA's role will neither get Republicans to back off the State department, nor get liberal Democrats to take the story seriously. But it's a shame nonetheless. I cannot for the life of me understand why more people don't reflect on the fact that our intelligence services have not only undertaken flagrantly immoral acts, constantly and deliberately, but have actively undermined the security of Americans by creating anti-American rage. I just will never understand it.


jcapan said...

The obvious: hypocritical liberals only care about our murderous foreign policy when a GOP president is in power. And if your concern is partisan/selective, then it's not really concern at all. And/or you're a repellent fucker who deserves any would-be blowback.

"The CIA had two objectives in Libya: countering the terrorist threat that emerged as extremists poured into the unstable country, and helping to secure the flood of weapons after the fall of Moammar Gadhafi that could have easily been funneled to terrorists."

Translation: The CIA wanted to prevent less compliant forces from taking power, even if they'd have been better for the Libyan people. And why would compliance to western governments and companies be so important, b/c we were told by liberal apologists that it couldn't possibly be about oil right?

"Libya’s economy has made a swift recovery after the 2011 conflict, with oil production returning to near normal levels ... The resumption of production was made possible thanks to the quick return of major Western companies, like Total (France), ENI (Italy), Repsol (Spain), Wintershall (Germany) and Occidental (U.S.), said a Tripoli-based economist working for an international financial institution.

The oil companies and their patrons in western governments don't much give a rat's ass about security for the little people, not as long as the oil profits flow and the markets stay open.

N. Eugene said...

"A major missed opportunity to take part in a national dialogue about our continuing program of enforcing our will militarily in the Muslim world, and about the CIA."

Who would the other party in this dialogue be? Republicans?

Freddie said...

I think you could have a productive liberal-libertarian dialogue.

Paul Behrer said...

Pretty sure you don't know what their aims are, if you think they're "incompetent."

You are obviously assuming their "competence" relates to aims you ascribe to them, rather than aims they possess and use toward their own agenda and goals.

Which also explains how you miss the point completely when you say they are "corrupt."

What I want to know is, why would you assume the Langley Gang have a noble purpose, use respectable means, and seek high-minded, moral ends -- apart from the problem of what you are calling their current "incompetence" and "corruption"?

Maybe, Freddie, you should stick to things you actually know about -- rather than ascribing to the See Eye Eh things they're obviously not doing, or not valuing?

Maybe being a Culture Maven doesn't give you the necessary information and insight on what La Compania actually does, for what reasons, to whose benefit.

Maybe being a fancy man with fancy tastes and a fancy set of parchments and a fancy job teaching fancy things doesn't really mean much, in the real world of people who actually do stuff other than pontificate about fancy things.