Monday, February 4, 2013

where the fuck is the IT department

Well, today, somebody told me that the margins were too wide on the blog. So I shrunk them. Then someone told me that the margins are too thin, causing him to have to drag a pull bar thingy to see the archive. When I had a layout that was (I believe) variable width, though, it wasn't wide enough for me, and Youtube videos and such would constantly get chopped.

This is the sort of thing that I'm really bad at and the sort of thing that drives me insane with frustration.


Alexios said...

You'll be happy to know your readers' loyalty does not primarily derive from graphic design aesthetics. Btw, you're getting lots of play of late on Twitter & Sully's blog ( & your great discourse w/ Conor is being well promoted as well)...all well deserved, I might add.

Son_et_lumiere said...

Just use one of the preset layouts blogger has, they're pretty good.