Sunday, February 17, 2013

links and such

  • Their segment from today on the pointless cruelty of the no-fly list, and the treatment of Saadiq Long, is exactly why Up with Chris Hayes has been such a wonderful development in cable news.
  • Read Scott Lemieux for an excellent reminder on what a rumor-mongering troll Mickey Kaus has been in his career.
  • This is a good example of why Digby is a treasure. She's fair and harsh and angry about many instances in which the Obama administration has acted in a conservative manner for no demonstrable political gain. She's got a great strength for being a Democrat, advocating for Democrats in elections, and yet being an absolutely unsparing critic of Democrats, their leaders, and their pathologies. It's a talent I just don't have. Despite her minimal hype, I'd say that Digby is the best political blogger there is.
  • You should read Falguni Sheth on the truly frightening defense of drone strikes by Toure. (But then, you should always be reading Falguni Sheth.)
  • Jam on.

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