Friday, February 1, 2013

liberating just one

When Aaron Swartz died, and his death (rightfully) got so much attention, I wasn't quite sure what to do. I wrote a post about the fact that most of the scholars I've met in my life have wanted to free their research, which only makes his prosecution more absurd and unfair. Beyond that, I didn't know how to respond, without seeming like I was piling on to the hot story of the moment. I do want to share two articles with you, one from The Atlantic and one from Enculturation, which is one of the many fledgling open-access peer reviewed journals out there. The open-access journals are just one of the tools we're using to pry open the gates that are restricting the free access of human knowledge to all people. We'll keep prying. And someday, we'll win.

Some academics responded by offering to get academic articles for anybody who needs them. I hope it goes without saying, but-- if you need something, give me a citation, and I'll email you an article. For now, I just want to liberate one, just one: a remembrance of my father, Fredrik E. deBoer, from 2011 that ran in Asian Theater Journal. He's been gone now 15 years, predeceased by his wife, my mother, by 8. I miss him every day.
Fredrik deBoer by Kathy Foley


VL said...

Thanks, Freddie, for posting this paper. It's a beautiful memorial to your father --as is the life you are leading now.

Josh said...

This was really great, Freddie. Thanks for posting it.

Also, I don't know if you caught the "30 Rock" finale, but apparently there's a good chance your dad crossed paths with Liz Lemon's husband, who got an ethnomusicology degree from Wesleyan.

Freddie said...

Dotcom went to Wesleyan too! As a theater major!

Charles said...

Thank you for sharing this.

Josh said...

That's right. He became Trigorin. Excellent.