Tuesday, January 8, 2013

well this is odd

Gawker links to the AP's reporting on the disappearance of spy private investigator Robert Levinson, and the subsequent release of photos depicting him holding a sign indicating he is "in Guantanamo." I have two things to say on the matter.

1. Taking the "U.S. government's best intelligence analysis" at face value when it implicates Iran in anything = megalulz.
2. A Gawker commenter pointed this out. Check out the photos of Levinson

and check out this "computerized depiction," far right,  released early last year

Isn't the match between the depiction and the released photos a little too perfect? I mean look at his hair; it matches down to the swirl. There's no way that's due to chance. I suppose the most likely reason is that the FBI released the real photo at left and called it a computer depiction, but I'm confused as to why they would do so. Very strange.

Wherever he is, I hope Levinson is released unharmed, and soon. It is nice to know that we here in the civilized West would never imprison political prisoners without charges or recourse to a fair judicial process. Savages.

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