Saturday, January 26, 2013

I need to tame this wild tongue if I'm to touch these white streets

Having a blast of irrational optimism and a feeling, generally unknown to me, that this species might be able to get it together and organize itself in a way that provides for both the material security and the dignity of all humankind, a way that harnesses all of that wonderful productive capacity, that desire to create and to share what one has created. But I am saving these thoughts for a special occasion coming up soon. More info to come.


Freddie said...

I've really got ants in my pants. When you consider not just the productive and creative capacity of the human species, but the productive and creative desire of so many humans, the continued existence of material need seems like an even greater failure, like an even greater waste.

Freddie said...

But I'm not saying that negatively! I'm saying: what a chance we have. What a bountiful opportunity to share.

Anonymous said...

Traditional monarchy.

Josh said...

Freddie drunk blogging all of a sudden. You will ruin your brand, good sir. The below while crooked from a Marxist perspective or many others shocked me once:

"I had an epiphany once that I wish I could stimulate in everyone else. The plausibility of our human world, the fact that the buildings don’t all fall down and you can eat unpoisoned food that someone grew, is immediate palpable evidence of an ocean of goodwill and good behavior from almost everyone, living or dead. We are bathed in what can be called love."
-Jaron Lanier in You Are Not A Gadget

Take love and take creative capacity and instead of manipulating these by force, you fecundate with liberty and I don't know.

Freddie said...

Not drunk! I was at the mall when I posted this, of all places.