Monday, January 21, 2013

and now it's time to pay these guys

I mentioned something similar recently, but it's a point I think needs to be made again. If you'll forgive me, it gladdens the heart to see Jacobin and its staff getting love from the national press. It's hard to express how unlikely the rise of genuinely leftist publications getting this kind of attention would have seemed back in, say, 2004-- or 2008. I am particularly glad that the Times piece includes so many of the worthy people working at Jacobin, and name-checking Doug Henwood makes me a happy boy indeed.

But, look-- attention is not enough. It's time for all of this press heat to result in some funding. New York is a brutally expensive city, and you can't eat buzz. So it's time for people who admire Jacobin  to kick in financially. Neither subscription is expensive. (I'm a TNI subscriber myself, and I plan to add Jacobin next paycheck.) Left-wing political media is always going to be a hand-to-mouth existence, and that's okay. But the rent has to get paid.

So please: subscribe here.

(ps: you are allowed to make the "Marxists asking for money herp de derp!" complaint if and when we have the redistributive programs necessary to give them shelter, food, clothing, transportation, and medical care. Until then, shhhhhhhhhh.)


Anonymous said...

Maybe you middle class Marxists would be better off giving a dime to the poor soul you relentless gentrifiers have driven out of Brooklyn rather then fattening the paychecks you receive for writing a childish idealogical magazine.

Alright I'm done trolling now and I wish you the best of luck.

Daniel said...

I know you didn't mean to spark this question but it's always urked me: why are so many publications based in New York? There's a real case to be made that other cities can easily nurture a strong media environment but in the U.S. most prominent publications are based in New York or DC (there are exceptions which, I think, prove the rule).