Sunday, October 28, 2012

the list

Atrios. For he is mighty.

Yglesias. Still smart, when he isn't being Plato. Still compassionate, when he isn't being clever. Gives a shit. Hates dill. My favorite blogger.

Edith Z. Smart in the real sense, not the Internet sense. Funny in the real sense, not the Internet sense. Can write, can really write.

Pareene. The boss. My personal hero.

Conor Friedersdorf. So wonderfully sweet and sad and square. Wrong on domestic policy but probably about five years and fatherhood away from being a socialist.

Andrew Sullivan. Has spent decades considering what the politics of Andrew Sullivan mean; has gotten it spectacularly, incredibly wrong. A guy who constantly asks himself who he is and passionately, agonizingly fails-- what's not to love? A romantic figure.

Sady Doyle. Kicked my ass. Doesn't take much more than that.

Wilkinson. Cranky. Wrong about many things. Kind of a dicknose. Hates war. Detests violence. Thoroughly incorruptible. I'll take it.

Moe T. Commie. Independent. A throat slitter.

Jamelle. The refutation of Freddie: built a career. Stayed real. Stayed angry.

Corey Robin: More radical on substance than on style, which  goes a long way. What American progressivism could be if it wasn't a sinkhole of self-hatred and uselessness. Wrote a book you should read.

El Bhask: Has managed to be juuuuuuuuust enough of a punk. Gets it right. Annoyingly young.

Alyssa Rosenberg. Smarter than me. Careful. Talented. 

John Cole. You know how the media thinks that someone is thoughtful if they think their way into the perfect mathematical median position between the media's perception of right and left? Yeah, the complete opposite of that. Thoughtful the way you can be if you aren't doing it so that other people call you thoughtful. The realest of all.

David Brooks. Just kidding, fuck that dude.

Falguni Sheth. Ferocious and brilliant.

Daniel Larison. Hung up on old timey values, like not killing people and the equal dignity of all human life. Wouldn't play Dungeons and Dragons with you but would bring snacks down to the basement while you did. (I'm guessing.)

Derek Thompson. An ace finance reporter escaped from the planet Gee Whiz. Slow thinker in the best sense.

Chris Hayes. I've only seen his show a couple times but when I have I've imagined him to be outrageously high. Seems like a good guy to drive around Ontario in a van with, looking for Sasquatch or following Firehose on tour.

Dana Goldstein. Has her particular jams locked down. Never mixes up her skepticism with her irony, which is advanced.

Choire Sicha. Elegant. Recognizes the deep savvy of true gentility. Reaches profound compassion through total exhaustion.

Michael Brendan Doughetry. Sad-eyed. Sharp. Bearded. 

Radley Balko. I mean... dude actually has gotten real innocent people out of actual, real jail. Really. In real life. You can't hate on that.

Glenn Greenwald. Just the best, you know? Just the best. Plus I get the sense that his cats are named something funny and endearing, like Mr. Sherbert and Paddington or some such.

Freddie. So, so much worse than you know about all the things you already hate him for. Writes a list full of people who would prefer not to be on it. Doesn't give a shit. Never runs for cover. Never runs to friends. Forever free. Experiences blogging exactly like this:


Unknown said...

Aww Freddie - you have a heart! Also your captcha is unpossible. That is all.

Freddie said...

Sorry about the captcha, I'll ditch it for now.

Anonymous said...

I came to a different conclusion regarding your exchanges with the execrable Sady Doyle and her army of screeching harridans. Yeah, she's a blog big shot and has mucho admirers and all that, but her feeble shtick wouldn't cut it in a freshman comp/rhetoric class ffs.

Curtis Faith said...

What? No Booman? He's the smartest guy in the room.

Gets in his way a lot of the time, but he should be on the list.

Anonymous said...

No Yves Smith?!?!?

paul h. said...

That is literally the best description of Andrew Sullivan that I've ever seen

Cameron said...

Awesome and correct except that 1) Yglesias' flaw is not Platonism. 2) Greenwald. 3) Coates gets a lot of props, but deserves lots, too.

Anonymous said...

No IOZ??

Freddie said...

I don't really know booman's work. Yves Smith was an oversight! And IOZ, of course, is a favorite of mine, but seems retired/semiretired, so he wasn't on my mind.

Anonymous said...

Alyssa Rosenberg? The woman whose idea of cultural critique is a racial/ethnic checklist? Dude, seriously...

Anonymous said...

'No man is an island", Freddie.

Try to build more bridges, instead of being a pyro.

ovaut said...

Daniel Larison

Freddie said...

Motherfucker, I'll fix it, thanks ovaut.

Anonymous said...

You seriously really still like Yglesias? I used to still have some love for him until he moved his blog to Slate and made it his job to condescendingly regurgitate Gregory Mankiw's Econ 101 textbook to us uninformed, non-rationalist masses. You think he's still compassionate? Come on.

ovaut said...

I, too, stopped reading MY when he moved to Slate.

I'd say the Atlantic years were his peak.

Liz said...

I like these. Particularly Conor, Balko, Wilkinson & MBD.

Anonymous said...

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