Sunday, October 7, 2012

sometimes they just come out and say it

60 Minutes ran a piece tonight that was pretty close to being straight nativist propaganda/anti-Chinese fearmongering, on the rise of the telecommunications company Huawei. In it, a former American aparatchik from the State and Commerce department compared the difference between the Chinese and American systems like so: "Here, companies are used to, you know, throwing their weight around and telling the government what to do." (You can check the transcript.)

Well... yes. Yes, they are.

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Anonymous said...

Sure, China is a Free-Market Paradise for the 1%.

Deregulation; check

Dickensian labor force: check.

Hobbesian Worldview; check

Ben Franklin.

BTW; Freddie; If you can stand it, I wish you would post more at BJ. It gives me the chance to prod the so-called Progressives into some context. i know lancing the boil is painful, but the outcome improves.