Friday, May 25, 2012

Fourth Grade Journal

Tuesday, September 11, 1990. Thinking about music lessons yesterday, I decided to try the trumpet, because I want to play jaz and I don't like saxophone music.

Monday, Oct. 1, 1990. I'm looking forward to this week because no more Mastery tests!!! No more answer sheets, no more boggleing questions. On the other hand, no more Smartfood.

Monday, Oct. 15, 1990. Today is a good to make a Christmas list. Yes, planning ahead is my game.

Tuesday, Oct. 23, 1990. If I were a bus driver I'd hijack the bus and fill it with food. Then I would drive to Disney World. Then I'd go to some cabin and live there. Of course, if I'm nice I'd drive them to and from school. But if I was me, I'd quit, become a millionare, make Trump grovel at

Tuesday, Nov. 20, 1990. Honesty is important because if you lie and you're caught people might not believe you later. Sort'a like "The Boy that Cried Wolf" or yesterday's "Murphy Brown." So you need to be honest.

Thursday, December 17, 1990. The difference between third and fourth grade is about one grade. Also we're more mature than before. Probably smarter.

Friday, Jan. 4, 1990. The happiest moment this week was when I found out my favorite show won't be canceled! I mean, 30 wouldn't be 30 without it! Geez, I mean, that stations main support is that show! And to think they wanted to shut it down! Course, I never really cared about that show.

Wednesday, January 16, 1991. I felt like hangin' around, I reached for

January 23, 1991. I sometimes daydream that I meet people who are in books, like Jim Hawkins or Huma.

Thursday, January 24, 1991. Believe me, it's bad. We now have a bad reputation. I hope it does not travel far.

Monday, February 4, 1991. If I could I would tell everybody I like chocolate. I would ban drugs! I would eat all the chocolate.

Wednesday, February 20, 1991. I would teach about volcanoes. I'd take them to a volcanoe and give them some binoculors. If they're bad I'd push them in.

February 26, 1991. Water is important to me because humans are 80% water. I keep that balance.

March 1st, 1991. I feel it's pretty much over. The fighting's stopped. Kuwait is a free city, and Iraq's moving out. Many people say the conflict is over. The only thing left is capturing Saddam. There is probably a lot of paperwork too.


Josh said...

This is superb. Huma — ha, you nerd.

Freddie said...

I far preferred The Legend of Huma to the original Chronicles. I think it's because of how much I liked the minotaur.

shalinikumar said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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