Tuesday, February 7, 2012

credit where due

As much criticism as I have directed at the Atlantic in the past, and as much as I hope to again in the near future, this article by Derek Thompson on the state of marriage and divorce in America is sober, careful, buttressed by reference to responsibly-generated empirical data, meticulously cited, and in my opinion, correct. If you're a young web writer type, this is a good model for the best of the form. Check it out.


sweet tooth said...

Just wanted to apologize for my post the other night.

Bad, bad idea to go online when you're that shitfaced and despairing (and blowhardish and messianic).

Anyway, I do apologize, and since I don't have the courage to reread what I wrote: if anyone responded and pointed out I was being a total jerk, yes I agree, I'm sorry, forgive.

also, i did think it was a great review of a book i'd like to read one day.

sweet tooth

Jeremy said...

Sweet Tooth you had to be really drunk to write that kind of a comment :)

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