Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Katie Roiphe is just the worst

Despite her heroic efforts to pretend that she's doing otherwise, Katie Roiphe has taken to Slate to try and score some points against Ayelet Waldman in their feud. Roiphe being Roiphe, she has to find some petty sexism to wedge in there, so she chooses to refer to Waldman-- who is a successful and prominent writer and former successful and prominent litigator-- as "Mrs. C," after her husband, Michael Chabon. Which is a way to diminish Waldman's own accomplishments and suggest that she is only the wife of a prominent man, without really coming out and saying it.

So, you know, kudos, Katie.


ovaut said...

Waldman's blog is great.

ovaut said...

Whoops I meant her Twitter.