Saturday, April 9, 2011


Is Ulysses overrated?

It is a work of incredible genius?

Does its critics resorting to the old "you don't really like this" canard demonstrate the emptiness of their critique?

Has Ulysses endured?

Will it continue to endure?

Will it still be read 100 years from now?

Will anyone remember its many critics 100 years from now?

Is that a fair and relevant question?
It's the only question.


Anonymous said...

Book Club? I missed the last one. :-( So now I am reading NOTR and following after that fact. Sad for me.

scott said...

I read Ulysses and it bowled me over. The idea that you could take the lives of a couple of Irishmen and generate wonderful prose out of commonplace events (to cite some examples, Poldy taking a dump at the start of the novel and having a wank later), with mythic overtones, is both inspiring and fucking hilarious. Screw the critics, and fuck them if they can't take a joke and if their horizons are too blinkered.

freeloader said...

Rosenbaums's column is an overwrought, overwritten epic of gratingly obvious, self-congratulatory, show-off erudition that, with its overstuffed symbolism and leaden attempts at humor, is bearable only by failed graduate students who demand we validate the time they didn't spend reading Ulysses.