Tuesday, March 8, 2011

damn you, DVD clearance fees

So I have complained in the past about the problem with DVDs of TV shows that make important use of music; music is very expensive to clear on DVD titles and so very often you get shows with the music stripped out or, even worse, replaced with terrible, cheap to clear alternatives.

Well, thanks to my Amazon Prime membership, I have recently fallen deeply in love with the British original series Skins, or at least, the first two seasons. (The show goes through different generations every two seasons, which is an admirable alternative to standard Saved by the Bell bullshit where people are in high school for a decade; I just don't know if I can watch different characters... too attached to the originals.) Anyway, this is a show that really needs the music it has in general, but most importantly, there is a use of a song at the very end of the first season that is so brilliant and unexpected and it's apparently just completely purged from the DVDs. Which is just not right.

The alternatives seem to be to watch the show streaming, where the music is preserved but where the show can always just disappear into the ether, or watch the heavily edited BBC America version when it's on (and why, exactly, is American culture permanently for children), or watch the DVDs with lame music and my favorite scene cut out. Bah! Bah I say!

I don't pirate; I try not to be preachy about it but I believe that as long as we are in this capitalist system then we should provide value to those who give value through the creation of art and media. So personally no torrents or such for me. But this is one scenario where I am sorely tempted.

(Oh, I turned off comments because there would inevitably be someone making fun of me for liking that show. And I just don't give a shit or care to hear about it.)