Friday, February 18, 2011

what do you stand for?

photo via Muhammad Saladin Nusair

What do you stand for? Who do you stand with? The Koch brothers, endlessly conspiring against the working class? The US Chamber of Commerce, dead set against unions and the elementary rights of free association, assembly, and the right to control one's own labor power? The governor who created a debt crisis with his own recklessness and then attempted to use that crisis to destroy his political enemies and the enemies of the sickeningly wealthy who control him?

Where will you stand, professional journalist? Professional pundit? Professional blogger? Safe in your sinecures at think tanks, newspapers, and magazines, risking absolutely nothing for yourself, will you push workers even further down after 30 years of a coordinated and unapologetic effort to punish them? Will you, "progressive," continue to hide in the idea that there are no competing interests in this country, that you never have to choose sides, that right now is not a time when you are being forced to decide if you will afflict the already afflicted or comfort those who need comforting?

Do you really believe that this is about a debt crisis? About "austerity?" About protecting the interests of the next generation? How blatant do they have to be in attacking their political enemies before you realize what this is about and who this is for? How many times can the same people abuse your trust again and again, fool you again and again, trot out the same tired old rhetoric and happily use your support to siphon even more money from the working class to the ruling class? What would it take to open your eyes?

How long can a country that calls itself free participate in a conspiracy against those with less, again and again, at the behest of those who need and want for nothing but always ask for more? How long can you speak a phrase like "the pursuit of happiness" under these conditions before the rank obscenity of such a thing makes you silent? How many times can you avert your gaze from the people who have had every prospect for self-improvement systematically whittled away, and still presume to speak about an American dream?

What do you stand for?


Aloysius said...

I stand with Charles and David Koch in support of economic freedom.

Freddie said...

No, you stand with the ruling class for the continued despoliation and impoverishment of the working class.

paul h. said...

My friend reminded me last week that "a living wage" was defined by Pope Leo XIII as "a wage sufficiently large to enable him to provide comfortably for himself, his wife and his children." I think it's pretty clear that the top 0.1% of income earners in America are preventing the bottom 50% of wage earners from achieving this.

Eric said...

"Economic freedom" is quickly becoming one of the most absurd phrases in the English language.