Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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An emailer to the Daily Dish:
Watching the yearning for democracy, for self-actualization, for freedom, sweep through the region, not dependent on US interference but proving by its very spontaneity how intrinsic the desire for freedom is, has been something that has brought me to tears daily.
Wisconsin already has democracy.
Steven Salaita:
According to liberal Democrats, alternate politics are impossible and thus undesirable. The Egyptian people do not share the same viewpoint. There was nothing pragmatic about what they did: it is never a reasonable idea to march into bullets, tear gas canisters, and police boots in order to upend a rotten political system brandishing the imprimatur of the world’s most powerful armies and politicians. But if the Egyptian people wanted a just political system, rather than the practical realities of theft and corruption, they needed to replace and not merely reform their government. To challenge bad politicians by electing more bad politicians is not serious political thinking; it is an inducement to apathy and intellectual frivolity.

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