Monday, April 19, 2010

vlog on a cool presentation I saw this weekend

vlog on gesture theory from Freddie deBoer on Vimeo.

So as you can see, the preview image on this video is truly heinous, so it pains me to post it, but oh well.


Andrew said...

Interesting stuff. I kept wanting to see what was off of the frame to the right, your dog was nonverbally indicating that it was fascinating!

Freddie said...

Ah, well he is an inveterate window watcher; it's his favorite activity. My building is right on the street, too, so he gets plenty of things to look at.

Daniel said...

I'm not sure about the equal importance of gesture communication to verbal communication. From everything you say (which really is fascinating and I agree with) it sounds like the gesturing is a bit more about emphasis and supporting an idea/thought/effort to communicate than actually saying it on your own. In other words, I could say something and do a hand gesture that's completely opposite and the person could think I was being disingenuous but still realize what I was saying was true.

Anyway though, thanks for sharing Freddie!