Saturday, January 23, 2010

my library

my books from Freddie deBoer on Vimeo.

I once watched a movie called, I think, Supermasochist, and that's pretty much how I feel after video taping myself for a half hour and then watching it. I'm not a fan of my nose, or my hair, and I'm getting this turkey neck thing with my old age, and I have some annoying tics, too. But at some point you've gotta give yourself a fucking break, right?

I warn you: I use the word "fantastic" like 30 times in this half hour video. I had no idea while I was filming it. I assure you, I'm not one of those people who thinks everything is awesome, and I hope I don't use that word that often in real life. Sorry.

As I hint at in the video, this video had both a preamble and a, uh, postamble. I got rid of them both, for reasons of insecurity and poor lighting leading to insecurity. There was a long saw I was gonna go into in reference to Ulysses, and people who think that claiming to love reading is an affectation or "signaling" or whatever. But rather than going into an argument that will be wearying for you and for me, I'll just say this: this is what I am into. Some people are really into cars; some people are really into model airplanes; some people are really into smoking weed; some people are really into gadgets. This is my thing. I love it, and while I don't expect everyone else to love it (I am quite used to it being an uncommon devotion), I do expect everyone to let me love it without questioning my motives. And what I'd like to do here in this space is to just share why I love it, and maybe write something a little entertaining or moving to boot.

I intend to keep vlogging to a minimum, as I find it rather self-indulgent; but then again, this is a blog. Self-indulgence comes with the territory.


william randolph brafford said...

I’d be up for a group read of The Name of the Rose. I’ve never read that one. And I’ll be taking some recommendations from this video.

Bryan Ens said...

Nice video Freddie, you have an impressive collection. I'm going to have to check out the the Tin Drum. I've wanted to read it for awhile, but I'm not sure how well the magical elements will go down with me.

And, I second brafford's post, if there is a reading group for Name of the Rose I would be down for that.

paul said...

lol, 'Latin via Ovid' is how I learned Latin, we used that at my college. And even Zadie Smith thought that 'White Teeth' was crap, come on; she wrote it when she was 21-22, it's a bit too juvenile, despite the flashes of brilliance.

Anyway, yeah, possibly a little too self-indulgent ... everyone who is into books / reading / academia / "being an intellectual" thinks that they have extremely interesting and important views on everything, since of course they've read so much, and are so special! But then, if you have the sort of personality that creates a blog, obviously this goes with the territory.

Freddie said...

But I've never said that; I've never cared much for traffic and I've never felt particularly interested in other people finding what I have to say true or important. Solipsism is the truth of man and always has been; people who decry it are doing so to buttress their own self-obsession.

Belvoir said...

That was really enjoyable, some grand books.

I keep thinking that someday I'll organize the chaos of my bookshelves, but I sort of like their groupings in the era they were read, too. It would be a shame to split them up. Genet belongs with Burroughs in that cluster of my college-boy interest in decadance, ha. Like your comment on Whitman, one's interests grow and change.

I think I spotted Will Self's “Tough, Tough Toys for Tough, Tough Boys"; I like your mix of classic and modern on your shelves.

paul said...

But you asked if it was self-indulgent! I was just trying to honestly answer the question. Let me put it this way; it COULD have been way MORE self-indulgent. I would rather that you do vlogs than not do vlogs.

Freddie said...

I wasn't scolding. Just saying.

Elle said...

I really enjoyed this Freddie, especially the young readers tips. I'm forever searching for the next great book to share with the kids. Thanks.