Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You should probably check out Sonny Bunch's quick little takedown of me. It's charming, in that bloggy way. I'll have more to say about my chafing against libertarians lately when I have a free minute, it's a brutal week for me.

Update: I should say-- I agree that history's attempts at capitalists societies have on balance done a better job of feeding the people than the attempts at communist societies.


  1. What he says is true -- so factually indisputable there isn't any question of disagreement. Where Marxism is implemented, catastrophe follows. With hindsight bias this seemed as though it should have been flamingly obvious when I read the Communist Manifesto.

    But all you have to say is you're not a Marxist. That you're, what, a social democrat?

    Which is to say I don't think it makes sense to blame poverty on capitalism.

  2. Social democracy works. I'm no Marxist. But it's more fun to fuck with him than to keep it simple, no?

  3. he's a non-interventionist non-religious non-atheist non-socialist non-capitalist romantic existentialist, BP, haven't you been paying attention?

  4. Takedown is too strong a word; I would say that post is closer to "snarky reprobation." But I don't think it does any good (especially for someone concerned with reconciliation) to treat people like Will Wilkinson as miniature versions of Harry Lime, enriching themselves by causing immoral tragedies around the world.

  5. That's a fair point; I'd refer you to "a note" above.


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