Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ta-Nehisi Coates becomes the latest to engage in the absurd conflation of a political action group like CAP and a magazine like the Atlantic. Clearly, this is an example of the anxiety of influence. Coates--who I've always thought was brought up to the majors at the Atlantic a little too early-- is a bright guy, and a smart blogger. But he's being unfair to Yglesias and to CAP, which is interesting, because it seems to me that no blogger shows through as an influence in Coates's writing more than Matt. Somebody page Dr. Freud....

Update: Sigh. Two emails have prompted me to point out that I'm kidding here, mostly. sheesh.


  1. Seems to me TNC and Jeffrey Goldberg are just having fun with the hamhandedness of Palmieri/Yglesias' "guest post".

  2. True. I was just trying to have a little fun myself.

  3. I read Coates/Goldberg to be doing the opposite--pointing out the difference. Instead of conflating CAP and The Atlantic, they are teasing/criticizing Matt for leaving an unaffiliated press organization like The Atlantic for CAP, and so given up some of his autonomy. In fact, I thought it possible their posts were inspired by Matt's former editor. It is significant that it is Atlantic bloggers writing this.

    However, I want to note that in my view this is a nothing scandal, something that resulted from a slow news day.

  4. Freddie, have you considered doing the request thing?

    Every once in a while, a controversial or sensitive issue will come up, which I'm definitely not articulate enough to respond to without making the situation worse, but I'll think to myself, you know, I bet Freddie feels similar to the way I do about this, and I'd really like to see him crank out a few dozen, get-into-the-weeds style paragraphs on this.

    So, a request thread, how about it?


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