Wednesday, December 3, 2008

finally finished tweaking?

A friend of mine went to MIT, and he said that while there was a lot of annoying aspects to the type of students he had as peers, one of the great aspects of attending college there was that there was always someone who knew how to fix whatever problem you had. There was just so many brilliant people, with so much expertise in troubleshooting various problems, that you never had an intractable problem. There were problem solvers all around.

At it's best, that's sort of what the Internet is. Now yesterday or the day before I was complaining about my inability to get my layout quite right, and particularly how it seemed like depending on the resolution of the monitor viewing my blog, the header shrank or grew and messed up the setup. Imagine my surprise when, completely unsolicited, someone-- we'll go by the initials out of respect for privacy-- named LS emailed me last night with instructions on how to do things up the way I wanted them. So thanks so much to LS, and it's pretty amazing, when you think about it, to really have knowledge at our fingertips all the time.

I'm a tinkerer by nature, of course, and will probably tweak again someday. I've been trying to find the right picture for the sidebar but have given up for now. It's tough to find something appropriate (and reasonably attractive) that's not unbearably cheesy. I have a headshot that someone took for a class a year or two ago that works, and I had it up for like an hour last week, but it's really sooooooo cheesy, sort of a Blue Steel look, so I took it down. We'll see.

By the way-- thanks for reading, and commenting.

Update: Well, now that I'm on a public computer, the header is too long again, although by eliminating the border around the header LS saved me that headache. It's whatevs, at this point-- no more tweaking!

Update II: Haha, it occurs to me that "tweaking" has drug connotations that I certainly didn't intend.


  1. Don't know why, but your email address and quotation are now displayed on top of the picture at the top of the page.

  2. Here's the problem. You're using a stretch template--so as a screen goes wider, so do the columns. Then, as it shrinks to fit a smaller screen, so does everything else.

    The trouble is, you've somehow got your header sitting at the same level as the top of your sidebar. So when the screen shrinks up, the email and whatever else is at the top of the bar, float over the header image.

    So all those poor saps with small screens will have a very difficult time figuring out your email address....

  3. That's a beautiful header, Freddie. -K.

  4. I've found Wordpress to be a stable and relatively problem free method of running and maintaining a blog. While it would certainly represent a pain in the ass, perhaps you might consider migrating the site and posting a referral entry?

  5. Wordpress is a great platform. If you didn't want to host, is similar to blogger. However, I would warn anyone who wants to ever tweak again to avoid They lock you down fairly tight compared to Blogger.

    I've also self-hosted using Wordpress, but that is more expensive and you have to rely on a hosting service. Blogger is reliable pretty much always.

    Still, I would agree that Wordpress is a more attractive and advanced platform. You can do a great deal more with it if you self-host.

  6. And lo your banner is perfect.

  7. No one wants to see you at the side though. Put a picture of Trotsky there.


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