Friday, November 14, 2008

what body type would you never date? HMMMM?

This is the sort of thing were, if it were men talking about women, Jezebel would freak out, but because it's the other way around, it's cool.

Every time I read Jezebel I become more convinced that becoming a "post-feminist" or whatever lame derivation they prefer nowadays simply means complaining about the usual feminist issues, but not bothering with, you know, depth, education, introspection, self-criticism, equanimity, integrity or class.

I mean, if someone posted something like "I would never date a woman who was overweight," or "A woman with glasses? No thanks!", or whatever, Jezebel would call it "crimes against womanhood". Instead, it's cruel glee and enthusiasm in the comments. The single easiest sign of ideological immaturity is the refusal to apply the same standards to your own identity group as the one you want applied to others-- especially in movements, like feminism, that seek equality. Now Jezebel is no stand-in for feminism as a whole, but I think this (and much else on that blog) demonstrates a really shallow and incurious streak within feminism. Grow up.


Moff said...

Ideological immaturity at Jezebel? Incredulity overwhelms me.

Y'know, Gawker commenters have a special pejorative name for Jezebel commenters: Jezebel commenters.

Transplanted Lawyer said...

If she said "I won't date a Republican," would that be any more fair? Or how about "I won't date a man shorter than [insert arbitrary height, always taller than speaker, here]." Or how about "I won't date a Black man."

She gets to choose who she dates. Seems to me that the only rule is if she excludes someone from her dating pool for one of these silly, irrational reasons, she doesn't ever get to legitimately complain that there are no good men out there.

And plenty of men make similar kinds of immature, irrational exclusions from their dating pools. They don't get to complain that there are no good women out there.

Jim said...

There's a book about this, I think: Female Chauvinist Pigs. -K.

Squadron Leader said...

Post-feminism is something else entirely to this. Post-feminism recognises that there once was a Patriarchy but that the advent of feminism and its great successes left the system thoroughly shattered and no longer functioning in any fashion that warrants the name.

The system we have been left with in its stead is a confusing mess that seems to have done limited harm to the binary. There is a much greater quantity of misandry around than previously, perhaps as a consequence of the vicious excesses of the radfems. This is clearly not the optimum and post-feminists attempt to mop up the mess. But that's not the sort of job that can be achieved with the bulldozer of feminism. That approach had its role but, in the west at least, its utility has now been exhausted.

JMW said...

I agree with your point specifically, and more generally I would warn against swimming in any of the Gawker empire's pools if shallow isn't your thing...