Sunday, November 16, 2008

today in trust fund scumbag

As a joke, a commenter at Matt Yglesias's blog linked to the Google entry for "trust fund scumbag". One of the first entries is to the American Scene, where a guy named Rajesh says that I called Matt Yglesias that term. What Ramesh didn't understand, and Alan Jacobs apparently didn't either, is that a once valued commenter named Petey had taken to calling Matt that in comments, and it kind of developed into a meme. So while I'm not sure which exact post Rajesh is referring to, I'm certain that I was using the term as a joke, only he didn't pick up on it. (Which is perfectly understandable.) Sadly, I didn't come back around to that thread on TAS to set things straight. And now, for all the world to see, is the archived post where I'm so accused. So let me assure one and all (and Matt) that I don't think MY is a trust fund scumbag, although I think he does actually have a trust fund. Matt is, in fact, my favorite blogger.

Incidentally, the socioeconomic status of bloggers and pundits growing up does, I think, have a relationship to their commentary, and I've had the idea for a post about that relationship rolling around in my head for awhile.


James said...


Someone is wrong on the internet!

Chill, Freddy.

James said...

ya scumbag ;)

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