Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This tells you everything you need to know about Jonah Goldberg:
It's weird, on the cruise I defended Allan Colmes dozens of times. Lots of people don't understand that he's their (sic) to play a part, to annoy conservative viewers and make Sean look good. He's great at it. I know that's his schtick. And yet, everytime I go on that show, he pisses me off — and it shows. I wish I could just guffaw at him or roll my eyes the way lots of folks do. Can't do it.
You see? Conversation isn't important; debate isn't important; constructive argument isn't important. What's important is theatrics. That's why Alan Colmes is "their". This is precisely the attitude of the Corner, and of Goldberg's posts about criticism in email. Whenever he posts a critical email, he mocks the person writing it, ignores their complaints, and takes a kind of "haha, look at this guy, everybody!" attitude. Because the point isn't to be convincing or be convinced. The point is to be a footsoldier, and barring that, a clown.

Jonah Goldberg, everybody.


  1. You're supposed to take him seriously, because ZOMG he quotes teh Burke!!1

  2. You know, Goldberg is slated to speak at U.Va on Friday, and I'm probably going to attend. I'm halfway tempted to liveblog it.

  3. Freddie, don't you think this is a little disingenuous? Obviously cable yelling shows are not mean as serious debate, they're entertainment that makes money by drawing in eyeballs.

    If you were interested in news, you'd read the newspaper or listen to NPR. If you want to be entertained or to learn other people's spin, watch Wolf Blitzer or something. -K.

  4. Nicely put. He reminds me of one of those sidekicks to Nelson Muntz back during the early seasons of The Simpsons.

  5. But Freddie's right.
    NRO has devolved. They are crusing around on a luxury liner while the economy is burning down around conservative families that are loosing their jobs and homes.
    Mark Steyn posts about goats.
    K-Lo and Lowry have been pithed by Palin, and they are trying to force any rational players left off of the gangplank.
    Goldberg tries to be snarky, but he just sounds scared to me..

  6. Well I'd rather Steyn talk about goats than about the Muslims.

    Wait... http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=MTg3NTg0Y2VmZDk3MmUxYzM3MWJlY2FlZTljYTdkMTA= ...Damnit, it was a Saudi Arabian goat contest and the billy was from Damascus. >.>

    All the same, goats rule.


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