Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sorry for the light posting of late and the shorter posts; holiday weekend and all that jazz. As you will notice I continue to play around with my layout and am still not satisfied with my header so I'll probably make a new one soon. (I also can't settle on a picture that I like and that isn't too cheesy.)

I am also wrestling with putting up ads through AdSense. Aesthetically I absolutely hate the idea. And (as with many things in my life) I value this blog in inverse proportion to the amount that I need it. This can't be a job, or a job interview. Not that I get the kind of traffic that would make this much more than an academic question, but as you well know, academic questions are kind of my deal. I could use a little extra money, though. Who couldn't?



Forgive me if saying so is sexist, but Leah from Top Chef is the cutest thing around. Just FYI.


Marilynn said...

Freddie, I share your distaste for ads, but if the only alternative results in fewer or abbreviated posts in your thoughtful blog, then by all means bring on the ads. Since your time deserves compensation (and whose doesn't?), ads in the sidebar are a small trade-off to this reader who appreciates your introspection.

faith healer said...

Freddie: IMHO, go ahead with the AdSense ads. I agree that aesthetically it's a minus. And some readers may be put off, I suppose, but most of us are used to ignoring ads.

Let me present a short logical (and, I admit, less than rigorous) "proof" you should use AdSense:

1. Your traffic spikes up most when someone like Sullivan or Yglesias links to you. (This is an educated guess on my part)
2. They, in general, only link to you if you say something interesting and/or thoughtful. (I would submit that they link to simply provocative posts only when those posts come from bigger names (no offense)).
3. Therefore, ads will create an incentive for you to continue creating interesting/thoughtful posts. (Until you reach a certain level of fame, at which point, the incentive may be to write provocative posts.)

ryan said...

I, and I presume many others, have Firefox configured to block AdSense, so I don't have much in the way of an opinion here. I have a pretty hard time telling whether or not a site sports ads anymore, unless there are gaping holes in the layout.

Scott H Payne said...

Hey Freddie,

I like that you're customizing the site to suit your own tastes, rather than sticking with a basic blogger template. While many bloggers attempt to apply a professional style to their sites, blogging is still a highly personal activity and I think the esthetics of one's site ought to reflect the subjective components of the authour.

So I very much dig the header you've got going with the site and the only thing I would suggest changing is its proportions to the space available (which you had addressed in an earlier post). I like the expansiveness of the shot/picture and think it accurately reflects the style of thinking and writing that you bring to this site. In that regard, I think it is an appropriate header and relays a great deal about what readers might expect to encounter.

As per ads: they can be done tastefully and discriminately. You needn't post whatever ads come along, though, you might well choose to do so, and that is completely within your rights. All in all, I would suggest trying to make the ads feel as much a part of the overall design and structure of the site as possible so that there isn't a sense of clashing interests (I have serious things to say, but this blinking, out of place text will tell you how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days!). I think The Atlantic does a good job of embedding their ads within their blogs so that it all seems relatively seamless. So, too, does John Cole at Balloon Juice.

Hope that is helpful. Congrats, again, on all the attention/traffic, it is much deserved. And thanks again, also, for the blogroll link, it is much appreciated.



Anonymous said...

I'd wouldn't mind ads, nor pictures of cute girls. -K.

E.D. Kain said...

I'd say skip ads altogether unless you need to pay for your hosting. On blogger, you don't, so why bother? So you divert traffic from your blog for a seven cent click? Better to divert to an article you've linked to, or a blog you like...

Anonymous said...

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