Monday, November 10, 2008

odds and ends

  • I remain convinced that the GOP would do well, as a matter of political pragmatism, to re-examine it's dedication to near-total abortion restrictions. The consensus in comments, however, is that I'm talking out of my ass (never that unlikely a proposition). So buyer beware, I guess.
  • Part of the reason it's tougher for women like Hilary Clinton or Sarah Palin to win is that this is a country with a pretty huge Daddy complex, it seems to me, and lots of people are subconsciously looking to elect a father figure. Hopefully we'll all be able to get past that in the near future.
  • This is a fun little time-waster, although I find the ad campaign that it's for to be kind of bizarre. For some reason, I've had all these urges to have a child recently. I've always been kind of noncommittal about having children someday-- I would be happy to have a child or not have one. But lately I've felt this kind of push to have a baby that I never expected. I though only women felt their biological clocks. Anyway, here's my baby:

  • Where have the Yale Mafia folks gone? Very little bloggy output from them recently. I want to hear from them. They're probably focusing on, like, school and their futures and other trivial pursuits. No sense of priorities!
  • This is an odd post.


James said...

Us undergraduates bloggers work a trans-Atlantic squad rotation system: righties from Yale take a turn, lefties from Cambridge take a turn. We all get 1sts at the end (or whatever Americans call them) along with lucrative media careers using the contacts we've nurtured along the way.

Freddie said...

You're probably joking, but I find your second sentence pretty much the truth.

James said...

The only time I have ever seen blogosphere contacts in action is when a friend and co-blogger of mine wrote a nice article about the Green Party and they recruited him for "Web 2.0" stuff for their London Mayoral bid. Demonstrates their desperation, I guess, but he's now head of Green Youth and so on. I'm sure it's very impressive CV stuff.

Personally I've gotten nothing out of it save wasted time and doubt that that'll change shortly.