Monday, November 17, 2008

et tu, Prince?

One of my favorite Prince songs is called "Head". It tells the story of a young woman who meets Prince on her way to her wedding. Given that Prince is Prince, she is so immensely attracted to him that she wants to have sex with him. But he tells her no, girl, it wouldn't be right, not on your wedding day. Instead, he allows her to perform oral sex on him.

This song should tell you three things about Prince.

1. He is, indeed, a genius. Nobody could write that song but Prince.

2. Prince is a freaky dude.

3. Prince talking about traditional forms of marriage and monogamy is pretty fucking rich. I mean, seriously, dude.

Look, it's a sad but banal fact that geniuses can be assholes. What dismays me so much about this isn't just that Prince is a musical genius, but that if you've followed his career pretty closely that he has sad many insightful and penetrating things on all manner of topics. I'm less saddened that a musician has sad something so contrary to my own political leanings as I am that someone who seems so bright said something so stupid.

Word around the ether is that he was misquoted, or at least misinterpreted. Here's hoping.


Bob said...

I'm no fan of this LameO, but I recall that several hundred years back Prince went over to the dark side, I mean Christ!

James said...

The views of an artist who has no music videos on YouTube are of no concern to me. Pick someone less obscure to blog about.