Wednesday, October 29, 2008

teh gays in teh math lessins

How exactly would one mix the homosexual agenda into a math lesson?

"See, you have to isolate the variable on one side of the equal sign, so first we're gonna divide each side by 3. Speaking of equal signs, did you kids know that gay people are totally equal to everyone else?"

Honestly, the desperate attempts to make the denial of marriage rights to gay people a matter of protecting freedom would be funny if it wasn't so sad, and if Prop 8 didn't have a good shot of passing. I will say one more time: my belief in gay marriage stems from the fact that I believe in the equal dignity of gay love. But you can not feel that way, and still not oppose gay marriage. All you have to do is leave them alone. You don't have to condone gay relationships or gay marriage. You don't have approve of homosexuality. You don't have to let gay couples into your home, or befriend them, or do anything to support them in any way. And you can absolutely morally or religiously condemn them, if you so choose. You just have to believe that the government has no business telling two consenting adults that they can't enter the legal contract of marriage with one another.

Leaving other people alone is the greatest conservative value, and one which I hope the people of California remember on election day.

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