Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the special needs libel

Let's not mince words.

Liberals and the left have never had, at any time, any kind of opposition to raising children with special needs. Never. The suggestion that we have is absurd; the idea that conservatives can make "support for special needs children" some sort of a wedge issue is disgusting. Saying that liberals are opposed to support for special needs children is like my saying that conservatives support rape. It's not just poor form, it's beyond the pale. It's a blood libel, a stain, and an attack that conservatives need to consider before they make it: do I really want to reduce myself to this? And yet I see that notion, explicit or implied, all over the conservative media lately.

Someone send a message to Rod Dreher for me: tell him that when he talks about Trig Palin as a political prop, he is disrespecting special needs children, if unintentionally. Tell him that when he tries to use a newborn child to score political points, he is engaging in exploitation. When he reduces a child, a living, breating person, to an object in the world, he's performing intellectual violence to someone not old enough yet to have a developed intellect.

Lock and load? A child isn't a bullet for your gun. Does Dreher believe he's defending Trig Palin? I'm sure he does. Does that excuse his using Trig Palin for politics, in exactly the way he accuses the "Angry Left"? Nope.

Update: Did you watch Sarah Palin's speech? Did you see every sneer, every insult, every insinuation of anti-Americanism, every appeal to other-ness? It's only the left who is angry?

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Phaedrus said...

Dreher's doing a great job engaging in conservative victimization here. Doesn't he realize his side won the 60s? Or did Nixon/McGovern turn out differently in his America?