Monday, July 14, 2008

Self Parody Watch

Honestly, do the editors at Slate even bother to read new columns by Christopher Hitchens before they run them? I don't say that meaning that I can't believe they would publish such columns. I say it meaning that they must know going in that they've read it all before. How many times can one express the exact same thoughts... and continue to get paid for privilege? Yes, Chris, we understand. I hadn't quite caught on to your feelings about Islamic terrorism in, say, 2003, but by now, I think I've caught your drift. I know that if you've got a good horse, you may as well ride-- but there's some additional scenery you might want to check out while you're out there. As it stands I really couldn't tell a 2004 Hitchens from a 2005 from a 2008. Seriously.

Be here next week for Chris's groundbreaking new columns, "Al-Qaida: We Should Fight Them" and "You know who was an asshole? Saddam."

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MJ said...

Hitchens’s work in Slate is indeed an embarrassment. The irony is that the Hitchens of 2008 is exactly the kind of one-trick, warmongering hack that the Hitchens of the 70s, 80s and early 90s would have savaged. Read his (very good) compilations ‘Prepared for the Worst’ (70s/80s) and ‘For the Sake of Argument’ (late 80s/early 90s) and marvel at how much of what he detested then he has become today.

For what’s it worth, I enjoyed this recent profile of him:

Anyway, good luck with this blog, Freddie. I’ve admired your commentary on other blogs, so I was happy to see you’d started your own.