Tuesday, July 8, 2008

David Pogue knows his iPhone in the biblical sense.

I'm a known Apple skeptic (not hater), but I don't in general bear any grudge for people who like Apple-- just the Apple people who insist on proselytizing to the uninitiated. (Their number dwarfs PC users who do similar, but I digress. I'm not out to harangue anybody who feels differently.

But, Jesus. If you're waiting for days outside a store for a iPhone, you are a fucking loser.

I know Marx didn't mean that commodity fetishism literally meant wanting to have sex with stuff you buy. But I have no doubt in my mind that people would literally screw their iPods and Blackberries if they could. What ever happened to moderation? Discretion? Modesty?

Isn't this kind of affection exactly what people find so creepy in drug addiction? What kind of spiritual poverty is going on in your life that you are so emotionally invested in a machine? I know this sounds really judgmental and I apologize for that, but jeebus.... Gadgetry hype gets me down.

Update: No offense meant to Peter Suderman or Megan McArdle....


BobW said...

It was a satire.

What did you want, another musical, perhaps to the tune of Cats?

3G iPhone with GPS.
I must wait for my iPhone.
It costs $200 less.
In the moonlight,
I stand in line like they did last year.
For the iPhone,
I'll stand with you, dear.

I know, the second line doesn't scan, but I need to get back to work.

Freddie said...

Well, despite putting his name in the post title, I didn't actually mean to respond specifically to Pogue. Which is pretty stupid of me.